How To Punch At Angles In Boxing

Learning how to punch at angles in boxing will make you very tough in the ring. Adding angles to punches will strengthen your offensive ability in matches, giving you more choices and ways to break down your opponent.  Follow these guidelines to learning how to punch at angles in boxing.

  1. It's all about footwork. You need quick and efficient footwork to be able to take advantage of angles in your punches. Set your opponent up by stepping in and around your opponent. After all, more angles are created when you change the perspective of your oncoming punches.
  2. Move and punch. The more you can move and punch quickly, the better you will be able to punch at angles. Boxing isn't mechanical, move while punching to create more dynamic angles.
  3. Duck and punch. Bending down a little bit to punch is another way to punch at angles in boxing. Whereas the previous two are of lateral movements, you can create vertical angles by bending down and up. For instance, a straight jab to the body and you will have set your opponent for an angled punch up high from this very position.
  4. Work on mixing angled punches and straight punches. In the ring, in order for either straight or angled punches to be effective, you must be able to mix them up. Practice in this way, using one to set up the other in terms of types of punches. Once you are able to comfortably punch at an angle as well as straight, you will be very dangerous in the ring with your unpredictability.

Reference: Boxing Tips

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