How To Punch Fast

Do you want to add a little speed to your punch in boxing by learning how to punch fast? It is possible to have a strong punch but not have enough speed behind it. Punching hard without speed will not give you the best results that you are hoping for. To get the best results, you need to learn how to punch fast. With dedication, practice and determination, learning to punch fast can be achieved within a few months.

To punch faster, you will need:

  • Boxing gloves
  • A speed bag
  • A punching bag (optional)
  1. Practice on a speed bag. Get into the right stance, where your fist should be in front of your nose or your chin. Always get into a boxer's stance when you use a speed bag. For the best results, practice punching the speed bag as quickly as you can and as often as possible. Speed bag training will help you be able to throw faster punches the more you practice.
  2. Improve your conditioning. Practice high-intensity interval workouts. Do a workout that will enable you to use a burst of energy to assist you with punching faster. Conditioning exercises, such as jumping rope, are good exercises to help you improve your burst energy. Also, do muscle training for your entire body while focusing a lot on your chest, arms, back and hips.
  3. Do daily push-ups. Daily push-ups will help strengthen and build your arms and your upper back muscles. Start with ten at a time and do them quickly. Then, slow down your push-ups and do longer and slower sets to work those muscles and build them up.
  4. Work on your form. Start off punching extremely slow with your normal punching technique. Make sure your punching form is perfect and that you punch dead on. Move up to faster speeds, and be sure that your form remains in perfect shape at all times.
  5. Practice speed punches. When you throw your fast punches, keep your arm relaxed as you throw your arm forward from your hips to prevent having to cock your arm back. Practice sets of speed punches and begin to increase your punching speed to build up your intensity. To condition your body to punch faster, do fast punches for fifteen to twenty seconds and then rest for ten seconds. Continue these repetitions as you continue to punch faster and condition your body.
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