How To Punch Harder

Learning how to punch harder is all about the technique. People mistakenly assume that you need to look like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger to throw power punches. This is far from the truth. Look at a little guy like Bruce Lee. He could punch you from an inch away and knock your head clean off. If you want to punch harder, you need to throw better punches.  It's time to start punching harder.

  1. Get your back into it. And your hips, and your shoulder and your legs. The first thing you need to realize is that a punch's power is not generated just from a balled up hand. Punching harder means getting your entire body involved. You have to get all the major areas of your body working in correct succession to throw powerful blows. You ever see a guy like Manny Pacquiao standing still, striking with his hands? No, his whole body leans into ever punch he throws. Take notes.
  2.  Know what you're going for. Wild punches are useless. You're not trying to swing and get lucky. Know where you want to strike. This is very important for punching harder. Certain body parts are more sensitive than others. You ever hear of pressure points? Pressure points are simply parts of the body [that] are more vulnerable to damage than others. Generally, the softer areas of the body have serious pressure point, that when struck can cause a considerable amount of pain. You want to punch harder? Get to those pressure points.
  3. Give yourself a solid base. Lets get into body mechanics. First things first. You're not going to throw a very convincing punch if you're standing there all dainty.  You want your feet to be about shoulder length apart. Without a good base, not only will you not be punching harder, you run the risk of toppling over.
  4. Torso. Your hips should be on a swivel. You're actually going to use your torso and shoulder to deliver the blow. Your fist is the bullet. The rest of your body is the gun.
  5. Shoulder. No matter what type of punch you're throwing, your shoulder is instrumental in landing a hard blow. There's no throwing a punch without the shoulder working over time. Your shoulder should motion somewhat like a piston. Better yet, imagine cocking a hammer to a gun.
  6. Hand and wrist mechanics. This is of the utmost importance. If your hand isn't in the right position to deliver the blow, you'll sprain your wrist or worse. You want to deliver a hard punch, but you have to take into account how your wrist and hand will absorb the impact of the hit.  Here's a rule of thumb: your middle finger knuckle should  be aligned to your wrist. It should look like one straight line from the knuckle to the wrist. Your hand should be squarely in front of the wrist. The side of your hand opposite the thumb should also form a straight line to that side of the wrist. Also, don't tuck your thumb under the other four fingers when throwing the punch or you'll break it. Lastly, your fingers should be loose until the moment before impact. Then you tighten them.
  7. All together now. Step forward with the foot opposite of your striking hand. Keeping your hip on a swivel, turn your torso slightly towards the striking hand while Simultaneously drawing your shoulder back. Your upper arm should be drawn back. Your arm should look like a ben "L" with your elbow away from your body. Now, quickly step forward thrusting your arm and your hand (in the form described above) towards the target. The second before impact, tighten your fist and pop the target! Remember, you're not trying to hit the target, you're trying to hit through it. Your force shouldn't stop at the surface of the target. You should be trying to push through the surface.
  8. Practice. This is rather self explanatory. Punching harder comes with practice. So practice. Work on your speed. Getting stronger isn't a bad idea either.


Pressure Points Strikes

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