How To Put A Battery In A Quartz Watch

You do not need to go to a professional jeweler or take a jewelry making course to know how to put a battery in a quartz watch yourself. In many cases, no special equipment is necessary to change a battery in a quartz watch. By following just a few steps you can have the battery in your quartz watch replaced quickly and easily and be on your way.

To put a battery in a quartz watch you will need:

  • The quartz watch that needs the battery replacement.

  • The quartz compatible replacement battery.

  • A small flat head screwdriver. A computer screwdriver set or eyeglass screwdriver will work.

  • A set of tweezers.

  • Watch case wrench. This is only if your watch has a screw cap backing.

  1. Identify the type of watch you have. Quartz watches can be digital or analog. If your watch is an analog watch then move to the next step. If your watch is a digital quartz watch you will need to reset the circuit. This will be discussed in further steps.

  2. Identify the type of watch backing you have. Quartz watches have two types of backings covering the battery area. You will either have a pop style covering which is identified by two grooves on the casing itself. This type of backing can be popped off with a flat head screwdriver. If you do not see two grooves then you have a screw cap backing which requires the use of a watch case wrench available at most craft and jewelery stores.

  3. Take the quartz battery casing off. If you have a pop top then simply pop off the casing and move to the next step. If you have the screw cap backing then utilize your wrench to safely remove the cap.

  4. Remove the battery. Simply use the flat head screwdriver and remove the dead battery from the quartz watch. Place the used battery to the side for disposal.

  5. Replace the battery. Take the fresh battery and place it into the slot where the old battery had been. If you have a digital watch you will need to reset the circuit. You can reset the circuit in the quartz watch by placing your tweezers with one arm on the battery and the other on the positive charge marked with a plus sign. To put a battery in a digital quartz watch you have to reset the circuit.

  6. Leave things as you found them. If your quartz watch is a waterproof model then ensure that the rubber waterproof ring is in place securely. Ensure the battery you put into your quartz watch is secure. Place the backing back on the watch.

  7. Check on the battery you put into the watch. Make sure everything works. Check that the hands are moving at a normal pace or that the digital read out is accurate.

  8. Clean the watch. Cleaning after you put a battery in your quartz watch is the most important step. Make sure the watch is in clean working order before finishing up.

By following the steps, keeping your work area clean, and checking for any other issues while putting a battery into your quartz watch you should be able to have your watch up and running again in no time. Be sure to work slowly and carefully so that you do not damage the new battery or the quartz watch itself. If the job looks to overwhelming take it to a professional and ask them to allow you to watch them change the battery so you can see how to put a battery in your quartz watch properly.

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