How To Put A Battery In A Sweda Watch

Your battery has just died on your Sweda watch, and you need to know how to put a battery in a Sweda watch? Sweda watches are powered by a regular small watch battery. The battery is constantly running so over time the Sweda watch battery will eventually die, and you will need to replace the battery. Replacing the battery yourself is always cheaper than taking it to a Jeweler to have it professionally done. With the right supplies, it is not difficult to put a battery in a Sweda watch.

To put a battery in a Sweda watch you will need:

  • Sweda watch
  • new battery
  • soft cloth
  • tiny flat head screwdriver
  • tweezers
  1. Spread out the soft cloth of a flat surface. Take your Sweda watch turn it face down and place it on the cloth. The cloth prevents scratches from getting on the face of the watch while you put a battery in it.
  2. Remove the back cover. Find the grove in the back of the Sweda watch. Use the tiny screwdriver to place in the groove of the watch to pry off the back cover of the watch. This may take a little pressure, but be careful not to scratch or damage the Sweda watch.
  3. Locate the battery. Remove or lift the metal piece holding the battery in place. Lift the battery out of the battery compartment by placing a fingernail or a tiny screwdriver underneath the battery, and then lift it up out of the watch.
  4. Put in the new Sweda battery. Use tweezers if you would like, to pick up the new battery and carefully place it into the battery compartment, moving the metal clip out the way if necessary. Make sure the positive (+) side of the battery is faced down towards the face of the Sweda watch.
  5. Replace the back cover. Replace the metal clip of the battery. Take the back cover and snap it back in place on the Sweda watch. Remove the watch from the soft cloth. Enjoy wearing your watch again with your new battery.
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