How To Put On A Belt Buckle

When you learn how to put on a belt buckle, you can instantly make a big fashion statement. Belt buckles come in a variety of styles. From designer belt buckles to novelty belt buckles to antique belt buckles, there is a belt buckle that will fit your style and allow you to be a little creative in your wardrobe.

In order to put on a belt buckle you will need:

  • Belt made so you can change the buckle
  • Belt buckle
  1. Ensure you can change the belt buckle. Most well-made leather belts have removable buckles. To see if your belt buckle can be removed and replaced, flip the belt over. If the buckle can be removed there are small snaps on the leather directly under the buckle.
  2. Lay the belt and belt buckle down flat. Lay both items face-down, next to each other. Make sure that the belt buckle is facing the correct way so you don't accidentally attach it upside down. The loop on the back of the buckle should be facing left, and the belt strap should be facing to the right.
  3. Unclasp the end of the belt, and slide through the belt buckle. Remember that when you put on a belt buckle, you want the buckle to be secure. Unclasp the end of the belt. Then slide the end through the metal loop on the buckle, stopping when the top portions of the clasps are through.
  4. Fold the belt over and re-clasp. Fold the end of the belt over the top of the metal loop on the buckle. Then secure the snaps back in place to hold the new belt buckle on. 
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