How to Put On A Belt

Recently, it seems men have forgotten how to put on a belt. Young men, and older men in rare instances, think it is cool to wear pants that are three-sizes too big. In the worst cases, these offenders subject the public to a rear view of their underwear. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid such embarrassment. With a few tips, you will know how to put on a belt properly.

  1. Choosing the right size. Before you buy a belt, make sure it is the correct size for your waist. As a reference, consider the waist measurement on your pants. For example, if the waist circumference on your pants is 42 inches, choose a belt that is at least 42 inches in length, and increase the length as needed.   
  2. Choosing the right width. Belt widths range from one to two inches, so the width you choose is based on your personal taste. However, be sure to choose a belt that fits into the belt loops of the pants you are buying the belt for. Wear those pants to the store to be sure that the belt is the correct width. 
  3. Putting the belt on. Take the end without the buckle and pull it through the belt loops until the belt is all the way around your waist.
  4. Pull the non-buckle end through the buckle opening until you can place the metal notch into one of the holes on the belt. If you chose the right size, the belt will be comfortable and secure. If the belt is slightly too big or too small, move the notch up or down the belt until the belt fits properly.
  5. After the belt is fastened, take the end of the belt that is hanging out and pull it through the belt loops. 

You are free to choose which ever colors and fabrics you think will match the belt. But remember, the belt is an accessory, not the main focus of the outfit. Pick a belt that compliments the rest of the outfit and you will look great.

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