How To Put On A Bodyboard Leash

If you don’t want to look like a kook when you go bodyboarding, then you should know how to put on a bodyboard leash properly. This is not only for style points. The leash is a very important safety device. There is nothing more unsettling than getting separated from your bodyboard during a big swell.

  1. You can strap the bodyboard leash to your wrist, but everyone will know you are a beginner. Plus, if you try to catch some waves bigger than knee high, it can be dangerous. If you are lucky, the strap will slip over your hand; you will lose your bodyboard and be forced to swim for it. If you are unlucky, the strap can pull tight and break your wrist.
  2. The best place to put on a bodyboard leash is just above the bicep. If you are right handed, strap the leash to your left arm. If you are left handed, then strap it to your right. This arrangement keeps the bodyboard leash out of your way when you want to use your arms to paddle or maneuver. Another nice thing about keeping your bodyboard leash above your bicep is you can brace yourself. Say you are caught on the inside and getting drilled by incoming waves. After you dive down to avoid impact, your bodyboard can get ripped away from you. When the bodyboard leash is strapped to your biceps, you can curl your arm to help brace the strap and grab the leash with both hands. To avoid some gnarly whiplash, try to grab the leash as close to the bodyboard as possible.
  3. Remember to put on a bodyboard leash whenever you go into the water. Guys who surf big waves rely on their bodyboard leash when they eat it. It is their lifeline. If you are just starting out, you should definitely keep things as safe as possible. Surfing is an amazing sport but you must always respect the ocean, because sooner or later it will show you just how big life is.
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