How To Put A Cheap Radio On Your Motorcycle

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars at an audio specialist once you know how to put a cheap radio on your motorcycle. All you need are some basic tools from your garage or you can get some from your local hardware store. There are several cheap radios available in the market and can be used to listen to some great music while on the move.

Things you will need to mount a radio on a motorcycle:

  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Red wire
  • Black wire
  • Screw driver
  • Circuit breaker – 2 or 5 circuit
  • Clamps
  • Strong plastic adhesive
  1. In order to install the radio on the motorcycle, the location to mount it has to be decided. It must be far enough from the engine so that the heat from the engine does not damage the radio but not too far so that the wires do not reach the batteries. Ideal location to mount the radio is generally under the seat or the front console.
  2. Search for a good position on the motorcycle to mount the radio, so that it does not obstruct the speedometer and the other gauges. Using a pencil, mark the mounting holes of the bracket, that comes with the radio. Drill the holes through the console. Mount the bracket using the screws. After mounting the bracket, put the radio in the bracket using the hardware supplied.
  3. While wiring the radio, run a red wire up to the machine bus. It is situated in the console, in which all the electronics, which includes the headlights, digital speedometer and fuel, brake lights and horn, are wired. Loosen the hardware of the console with the screwdriver and remove the cover of the console by pulling it. Put the red radio wire in the circuit bus positive side. If you are not sure which side is the positive one, check the markings or the wiring diagram of the motorcycle. Connect the black wire to the negative or ground terminal of the bus. Fix the circuit breaker into the bus. Turn the bike on and test the working of the radio.
  4. Most of the motorcycle radios use small speakers or headphones. Since every bike is not the same, you have to search for a location to fit them. Generally on the right and left side of the back frame, near the rear wheels is an ideal position. However, in the steering yoke and along the handlebars are the other options available. Drill the holes in the metal bracket and fasten it to the bike using the clamps. Stick the speakers with a strong plastic adhesive. Thread the wires of the radio speaker along the main wire harness of the bike. Connect these wires to the input connections of the speaker.
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