How To Put On A Condom Uncircumcised

This article is for anyone who wants to know how to put on a condom uncircumcised. The many millions of uncircumcised men in the world as well as their partners should know how to put a condom on their penis. There are risks involved in not putting a condom on an uncircumcised penis correctly. Some of the risks are, condom breakage, painful sex, and the condom slipping off of the uncircumcised penis during sex. There is a certain method that must be followed in order to put a condom on an uncircumcised penis correctly.


  1. A full erection. The uncircumcised penis must be and stay fully erect while putting the condom on. Pull the foreskin of the erect penis back as far as you can, place the condom on tip of the penis. Do not try and push the glands of the penis into the receptacle tip of the condom. Carefully roll the condom over the glands and down the shaft of the uncircumcised penis. Squeeze the penis to remove any air pockets from the condom.
  2. Things to consider. Do not use non-lubricated condoms under any circumstances. The glands and foreskin of an uncircumcised penis are very sensitive, and a non-lubricated condom will cause pain. The foreskin of an uncircumcised penis adds length to the penis and will move freely during sex. You will have to use a bigger condom to compensate for the movement of the foreskin during sex.

Tips: Do not use magnum sized condoms unless you absolutely need them. The foreskin of an uncircumcised penis will allow a condom to slip off immediately after ejaculation if the penis is soft. You must hold onto the condom and the penis while removing them from your partner.



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