How To Put A Crankshaft Sensor In A Car

You would like your car to be more fuel efficient and want to know how to put a crankshaft sensor in a car. A crankshaft sensor allows the right amount of fuel to get passed through to the engine of your vehicle without overflowing or spillage. Getting better mileage is a major advantage of having a crankshaft sensor. A crankshaft sensor can be installed on top of the engine cylinder. You can save money and time by installing the crankshaft sensor in a car yourself.

To put a crankshaft sensor in a car you need:

  • crankshaft sensor
  • wrench
  • screwdriver
  • O ring
  • engine oil
  1. Disconnect the battery. Unplug the black negative cable from the battery terminal. This will prevent any type of shock or short circuit in the engine.
  2. Remove any extra parts to make way for the crankshaft sensor. The crankshaft sensor will need to be put in place below the air filter in your car. In some cases, depending upon the make and model of your car, it may need to be positioned near the heat outlet pipe. Unscrew these parts to make enough room to install the crankshaft sensor in your car.
  3. Align the crankshaft with the sensor. The sensor is going to be placed in the center of the crankshaft. Carefully rotate the crankshaft until it is lined up properly with the sensor. Place the sensor on the cylinder head and make sure that it is also aligned up properly.
  4. Use an O ring to secure the sensor. Put some oil on an O ring to coat it. To hold the sensor in place, put the coated O ring on top of the sensor and tighten it securely. This will keep the sensor from moving out of its place.
  5. Connect the wires. Once the crankshaft sensor is in place in your car, connect all of the wires that are attached to the sensor. Once the wires have been connected, make sure to turn on any switches that need to be powered up that are attached to the wires.
  6. Replace all parts that were removed. Make sure that you carefully put any engine parts that you had to take out to install the crankshaft sensor in your car back in place. Reconnect the battery by connecting the negative battery cable back up to the battery. 
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