How To Put On Cufflinks

Learning how to put on cuff links can take your shirt from ordinary to extraordinary. This little accessory is a great way for a man to accessorize his clothing for a formal occasion. They add that extra pizzazz and make a bold statement. When it comes to shopping for cuff links, there are various styles to choose from and different colors as well. Thus, if you want to put on a cufflink with vibrant red, you can find that color to jazz up your plain white shirt.

Things you need to learn how to put on cufflinks.

  • Cufflink
  • Shirt
  1. Select your shirt that you want to wear. Choose a shirt with double cuffs because they are usually longer and do not have buttonholes on both sides.
  2. Put your shirt on. Your shirt should have an opening that will accommodate the cufflink. The cufflink area is the fabric material at the wrist of your shirt it looks like a band.
  3. Take the cufflinks and put them through your shirt cuff hole. Make sure the decorative part is outwards, and the cuff looks neat.
  4. Look for the cufflink bar. Take the bar and turn it over and secure the cufflink.


  • Cufflinks are available online as well as at most local jewelers. Thus, you should have no problem finding these accessories. However, be aware that styles of cufflinks vary. You will find some cufflinks come with an inner circle and has a piece of metal, which goes through the decorative circle. Some also comes with a hinged back. The hinged back are more available than the other types.
  • When you select your cufflinks, you can choose to purchase monogrammed cufflinks or even purchase cufflinks with your favorite sport logo in different sizes, shapes and closures. You will also find that the cufflink prices vary.


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