How To Put On A Dog Harness

It's simple learn how to put on a dog harness after you've done it once or twice. Some activities for dogs, such as pulling sleds, require the use of a harness. Certain dog harnesses are designed to connect to seat belts in cars. Whether your goal is to participate in sports with your dog or just to take her for a ride in the car, putting on a dog harness is the first step.

  1. Check that your dog harness is the right size. Obviously, a harness that's the wrong size won't fit your dog correctly. Look at the package and make sure that your dog's weight falls in the target weight range. For example, the package might say, "For dogs from 30 to 50 pounds." If your dog is lighter or heavier than the weight on the package, get a different harness.
  2. Hold a dog treat to distract your dog. This is important if your dog has never worn a dog harness before, or if he gets nervous when you put a collar or harness on him. You might find it difficult to hold the treat and handle the harness at the same time; in that case, ask someone else to hold the treat while you put on the dog harness.
  3. Let your dog sniff the harness. This will allow her to become comfortable with the harness before you put it on her.
  4. Place the harness on the floor in front of your dog. Once you've done this, you're ready to help your dog step into the harness.
  5. Put your dog's paws in the holes between the straps. Gently lift your dog's right paw and guide it through the opening on the right side of the harness. Do the same for his left paw on the left side of the harness.
  6. Pull the straps around your dog's back. Hold on to your dog's collar as you do this, because she may try to escape. Hold the treat out in front of her to keep her from backing up.
  7. Adjust the straps. They should be loose enough for you to slide one or two fingers between your dog's body and the straps, but not looser than that.
  8. Fasten the buckles. You have now successfully put on a dog harness, and you can give your dog the treat you've been holding as a reward.
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