How To Put Up A Dome Tent

Knowing how to put up a dome tent can take the stress out of preparing any campsite. As you learn how to put up a dome tent, pay special attention to the order of steps. Following the steps as you put up the dome tent means the difference between an agonizing, lengthy amount of time spent and a brief but enjoyable task accomplished. After reading the steps, you'll find that you can easily show your friends how to put up a dome tent and end up being the dome tent guru of your camping trips!

Before you can begin setting up your tent, you need to make sure you have all the supplies needed:

  • The dome tent itself
  • Tent stakes
  • A mallet (or a rock if you don't have a mallet)
  • A piece of canvas for under the tent
  • Tent rods
  • A small piece of material that will serve as the cap for the tent
  1. The first step in any kind of shelter is setting the foundation. Even though you're only learning how to put up a dome tent and not build a house, you'll find that this step is still the most important. Set the proper foundation by laying a small sheet of canvas or other waterproof material on a flat space where you would like the dome tent to be located. This material acts as a barrier between the tent and the ground, eliminating moisture on the bottom of the tent.
  2. As you learn how to put up a dome tent you'll find that the next step is one of the most easily befuddled and also the one that takes the most common sense. Place the tent flat on top of the foundation material with the door facing the area you want to be the entrance. This is most likely going to be the area facing the campfire. You'll be glad of this step when you decide to step out in the middle of the night to relieve yourself and can actually see where you're going. Once your tent is flat and positioned, go around the edges and drive the stakes into the available loops. The stakes should be placed so that the sharp end is in the ground and pointing toward the tent while the flat end is pointing away from the tent. This helps to secure the bottom of the tent.
  3. The next step is to put the rods through the tent. Simply follow the seams of the tent as you run the rods through the provided loops. You will not be erecting the tent during this step.
  4. To erect the tent, you first need to stabilize the rods. Place the end of each rod in the pocket provided at the bottom of the seam that the rod is strung through. As you come closer to completing this task, you'll find that the tent will rise. In order to do this one time and one time only, think of how you would place lug nuts on a tire. Work at opposite ends. Complete setting one pole before moving on to the next one. If you do not use this method, you will find that you are circling the tent with no end in sight.
  5. Once the tent is erected you need to allow for moisture release. Most tents have a screen at the top. This screen is not just for letting fresh air in. It actually allows for moisture to be released from the tent so that the campers don't wake up soaked. Don't forget to tie the cover over the screen to prevent rain or other elements from entering. To do this, simply use the clips provided and attach the cover by clipping it to the poles or loops that correspond to the clip location.
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