How To Put Draw Spin On A Golf Ball

During a round of golf there are going to come times when you need to put draw spin on a golf ball to order to have the ball curve a little to your left. A draw spin will take the ball gently from right to left, or the other way if you are left-handed, and will increase the shot distance both in the air and after a landing.

  1. Set up for the draw. In order to set up a draw shot, you first need to position yourself correctly. Since the ball will move from right to left, you need to align your body to the right of your intended target. Your hips, shoulders and feet should all be aligned in the same direction.
  2. Close the club face a few degrees. Rotate the club shaft counter-clockwise in your hand to close the club face. When you are done the club face should be aiming to a point between the direction where you are aiming and your actual target. This change in the direction of the club face is what causes the draw spin.
  3. Pivot and draw the club back. Begin with your left arm straight and your right arm slightly bent. Bring the club back behind you while keeping your left arm completely straight. Your right arm should be flush to your body during this process. Continue to pivot as far back as you can.
  4. Complete a normal swing. Since the draw comes from the rotation of the club face, a normal swing is all that is required. Turn your hips to the left, which will then pull your arms and the club, through the strike zone. Keep your arms straight until well past when the ball has been struck. The ball should take off in the direction you are facing, and then it will gently draw to the left.



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