How To Put A Element Skateboard Together

In order to learn how to put a Element skateboard together you will need to have all of the right supplies and tools. Element skateboards are not extremely difficult to build, but if you are missing components it can be impossible to do. Make sure you have everything listed below before you try to learn how to put a Element skateboard together.

To build an Element skateboard, you will need:

  • A Board
  • Wheels
  • Trucks
  • A Screwdriver Set
  • A Socket Wrench
  • Bearings
  • Washers
  1. Installing the trucks. Make sure the board you are planning on installing your trucks to is not damaged in any way. This could make things difficult when learning how to put a Element skateboard together. Most Element boards have the holes pre-drilled. If they do not, you will need to do this yourself. You will want to use a screwdriver to tighten the screws and a socket wrench to tighten the nut on both trucks.
  2. Add the wheels. Place the bearings into the wheels and add the washer over the bearing. The washers and bearings should come with the wheels, if not you will need to acquire some. You will not be able to learn how to put a Element skateboard together without them. 
  3. Attach the wheels to the trucks. Once the wheels have been attached to the trucks, move the board around to make sure it is a smooth ride. If it is not, try to reinstall the wheels to the trucks before the wheels are tightened. Once you have adjusted the wheels and trucks to make the skateboard more even, you can cap it with a lug nut and begin tightening the wheels slowly. Test the board out and you have successfully learned how to put a Element skateboard together!
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