How To Put On A Female Condom

To increase effectiveness, you must properly learn how to put on a female condom. Just as with male condoms, improper use of the female condom will increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. There are three condom types approved by the FDA for use in pregnancy and STI prevention; the female condom and male latex and polyurethane condoms. Female condoms are considered just as effective as male condoms and use the same prevention method, the use of a barrier to prevent sperm from reaching an egg. If you learn how to put on a female condom properly, the effectiveness rate is 95%.

  1. Choose a female condom. Originally, the only female condom available was polyurethane. In recent years a nitrate condom was introduced, then the latex. All three choices are lubricated on the inside, but the latex female condom has a sponge in the closed end that makes it easier for you to insert into the vagina. If you or your partner are allergic to latex, you can choose the polyurethane or nitrate female condom. The three types of condoms have the same basic construction and insertion instructions.
  2. Be careful when opening the package. Female condoms are larger than male condoms and therefore the package is bigger. There is a small ring at one end that has a sheath covering it, and a larger ring at the other end that is open. Make sure you wash your hands before opening the package, especially if there has been anal foreplay. Do not use scissors or other tools to open the package to avoid puncture of the female condom. Open it enough so you can easily pull it out of the package. Hold the condom by the smaller ring.
  3. Insert the female condom properly. It is sometimes easier if you insert the female condom for your partner, with her assistance or vice versa. To insert the female condom, squeeze the smaller ring with the sheath covering until it is flattened, no longer round. Insert the ring into the vagina until it reaches the top, then let go. Make sure the ring opens all the way and is secure. The larger open ring should stay outside the body.
  4. Make sure you are inside the condom during intercourse. When you insert your penis, make sure you are inside the large outer ring of the female condom rather than between the condom and the wall of the vagina. You may have to use your eyes or fingers to make sure you are in the right place. Also, during intercourse, make sure the female condom does not move position or get pushed inside her vagina.

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