How To Put Film Into A Polaroid Camera

Want to learn how to put film into a Polaroid camera? First and foremost, you should always put film into a Polaroid camera while indoors, or at least in the shade. If film is exposed to the light at all, it can become damaged or compromised.

  1. Purchase the correct Polaroid film for your particular model of camera. Polaroid film comes in several different sizes, so you must be sure you have the correct film pack.
  2. Lay a soft cloth on a flat surface, such as a table, to make it easier to put film into the Polaroid camera. Place your Polaroid camera, lens side down, onto the soft cloth on the table.
  3. Open the inner and outer back of your Polaroid camera so you can get to the film chamber. Use the pull string on the film roll to reveal a small portion of the film that you can use to wind into the film chamber.
  4. Check to see any tape seals present on the film. Break the tape seal around the lead portion of the film. Leave the clearly marked positive and negative film rolls intact.
  5. Now wind the film through the rollers in the film chamber as described in your particular model's owner's manual. Close the back of the camera. You should be able to see the loose end of the film leader sticking out from the slot.

Now that you've put film into your Polaroid camera, be sure to take a couple of throw-away shots. Taking a couple of non-important pictures at the beginning of each roll of film will ensure that there isn't any leader still in the film roll. Additionally, if any light did get to the film it would affect these throw-away shots and not the good pictures you'll take later.



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