How To Put On Football Cleats Correctly

Knowing how to put on football cleats correctly is an essential safety precaution. Making sure the cleat fits well and is properly fitted for the playing field prevents the player from injury. Here are simple steps to putting on cleats and insuring they keep the player safe.

  1. When picking out cleats it’s important to know which position the player is playing. Most sporting goods stores have different cleats for different positions. The cleats are designed for the action of the player in that position.
  2. Cleats fit like a normal tennis shoe. The ideal is the player wants to have enough flexibility to run, turn, spin, and jump. At the same time though it’s important the cleats are not too loose as they can fall off and leave the player susceptible to injury. Cleats need to fit snug around the ankle. Making sure the proper size and the shoe strings are tied keep them snug and prevent injury.
  3. There are two types of cleats; detachable and moldable. Moldable cleats are ideal for players playing on a hard surface such as turf. If the player is going to play on a wide variety of playing surfaces, detachable cleats may be the way to go. Detachable cleats give flexibility in choosing different studs. This is ideal if the player will be playing a lot of games on grass fields. For safety reasons it’s important to check the studs before each practice and game to make sure they are screwed into the cleat tightly.
  4. After considering what choice is best, it's important the player tries on the cleat to see how it feels. They should move around and make sure that it's snug around the ankle but there's room in the toes and they are able to pivot and run with little to no discomfort. Football cleats take a while to get use to but overtime the player should feel comfortable.
  5. While putting on football cleats is like putting on tennis shoes it’s important to keep these factors in mind when determining the proper cleat. This will go a long way in injury prevention.
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