How To Put Football Pads On A Child

If you have a child that will begin playing youth football soon, you will need to learn how to put football pads on a child.  The first time you attempt to do this, it will require a bit of patience from both you and the child, but in no time at all, you'll be able to do it quickly.  Don't wait until your child's first game to learn how to put football pads on a child, practice it a few times beforehand.

How to put football pads on a child:

  1. Flip pants inside out. Before you learn how to put football pads on a child, you will want to flip the football pants inside out. This will make it easier to see where the pads need to go, and it will also be easier to put the pads in place.
  2. Snap the pads in place. If the football pants do not already have the pads sewn into them, you will need to snap the pads in place. Most football pants have snaps sewn inside a flap that lifts up. Once you find that snap, go ahead and snap the pads into position. You should have pads that snap on the thigh, the front of the leg (just below the knee), the hip, and the buttocks. If the pants do not have snaps, just slide the football pads into place.
  3. Slide on the shoulder pads. The next step in learning how to put football pads on a child, is to slide on the shoulder pads. To protect your child's skin, have him put on a lightweight shirt before you put on the shoulder pads. The shoulder pads will slide on over the head, and then adjust with the straps. Clip the straps to the front of the chest to keep them in place. 

Although it is advised to practice learning how to put football pads on a child at home, it is NOT advised to allow your child to travel in a car while he is wearing his shoulder pads.  Dress him in his football pants (with pads inserted), but for safety reasons, wait till you arrive at your destination before putting on the shoulder pads.

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