How To Put On Football Rib Pads

Putting on football rib pads is easy. While they may feel uncomfortable at first, they prevent injury. Keep in mind that rib pads are designed for those that receive many hits such as running backs, receivers, cornerbacks and safeties. In addition, they may be used for someone who already suffers from sore ribs. The point of the rib pad is protection, and by ensuring the correct size is worn, it should prevent the player from incurring injuries. Here is a simple guide for putting on football rib pads.

  1. The first step is determining the correct size. Rib pad sizes are normally determined by chest sizes. Measuring chest sizes is easy. Have someone take a measuring tape, start at your breastplate (in between your pecs), and wrap the tape around your back until it meets the starting point. From there, determine the correct size based on the manufacturer.
  2. Most rib pads can either be hooked into the bottom of the shoulder pads or worn separately. Ribs pads that are attached to shoulder pads should snap into place as extenders are designed on many shoulder pads. Those that are worn with suspenders need to be put on before shoulder pads, to ensure a proper fit.
  3. Once the rib pads are in, trace around the pad with your fingers to make sure they are not too tight. While their purpose is to protect you, wearing them too tight may cause injury as well. Test them by jogging in place, pivoting and squatting. The pads should stay in place despite the activity.



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