How To Put On Football Thigh Pads

Football thigh pads are unpopular for some players, but if you plan to wear them, know how to put on football thigh pads the right way. If properly placed, football thigh pads provide protection for the player’s thighs. Thigh pads are beneficial to position players mostly, but some feel the bulkiness of the football thigh pads slow them down. Wearing football thigh pads is a personal choice. Football thigh pads are a good idea for any player at any level for added protection.

What you will need for this:

  • Football pants
  • Football thigh pads
  • Sports tape

How to put on football thigh pads:

  1. Football thigh pads either are fitted to the pants or are taped to the thigh. Most football pants have mesh insert pocked for the thigh pad. These pockets are properly placed based on the size of the pants.
  2. If your football pants have these built in pockets, use them. Place the football thigh pad into the pocket while your pants are on. Buckle up and you are ready for action
  3. If your football pants do not have the insert pockets, you will need to use tape. Tear off a piece of tape long enough to wrap around the thigh pad and your thigh. Position the thigh pad ion the meatiest part of your thigh. Wrap the tape around your leg to secure. Use multiple strips of tape.


  • if you do not like the tape against your skin, you can place the thigh pad inside the pants and then tape from the outside.
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