How To Put On Goalie Pads

Learning how to put on goalie pads is the first step to becoming a successful goalie in soccer. Soccer goalies, also called keepers, are the last defense between the goal and the opposing team. Goalies are the only players on the field who are allowed to use any part of their bodies to stop the ball, including their hands. Although goalies are not required to wear pads, they are recommended because they protect the goalies’ knees, elbows, arms, chests, and give them extra grip on the ball with their hands.

  1. Know when to put your pads on. Most players wait to put on goalie pads until it is game time. This keeps the goalie pads from wearing and tearing any more than is necessary. For maximum safety, the pads should include shin guards, knee pads, elbow pads, a chest padded goalie shirt, and gloves.
  2. To put on goalie pads, you should start with your legs. Begin by putting on your knee pads. Most knee pads can either be strapped around the knee with Velcro or pulled up to the knee like a sock. Next put on your shin guards, which protect the shin and are usually held in place by soccer socks that extend to just below the knee.  After following these steps, you should put on your cleats.
  3. Finish by putting on the upper body portion of your goalie pads. Start by putting on the padded goalie shirt, which will protect your chest and arms. Next put on your elbow pads, which will either be strapped on with Velcro or be pulled up over the arm in a similar fashion to the knee pads. Finish by putting on your goalie gloves.
  4. You should follow a specific order when putting on your pads. The reason you want to put on your knee pads first and then your shin guards is because the knee pads can be difficult to pull over the shin guards, so it is better to put on the shin guards after. You want to put your shirt on before your elbow pads because the shirt will not always be able to fit over the elbow pads. The gloves go on last because it is difficult to put on protective gear when you have oversized gloves on.
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