How To Put Halo On PSP

Knowing how to put Halo on PSP can seem difficult. Halo is a game that is actually owned by Microsoft Game Studios. PSP stands for PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation offers one version of the PSP that allows you to download games from the computer onto your PSP. Using third party websites, however, you can put Halo, a Microsoft game, onto your PSP, which is a PlayStation video game console.

  1. Obtain a version of the PSP that can connect to your computer. One example of this type of device is called the PlayStation Portable 3000, or PSP 3000. You can purchase this PSP through electronics retailers, gaming stores or on the PlayStation website.
  2. Find a third party website that offers a download of the Halo game on your PSP. An example of a third party website that offers this download is Files In the future, more third party websites might offer this download.
  3. Click on the “Download” option from the third party website. On the site, you will be able to search for “Halo for PSP” or look through a list of possible downloads for the PSP. Once you find Halo, click the “Download” option, which will generally be in the forms of a icon or button.
  4. Wait for the Halo for PSP game to download on your computer. Depending on the third party website you use, you may have to click another “Download” button, agree to terms and conditions or click “Run” from a download window that appears on your screen.
  5. Save the downloaded Halo game on your computer. Choose a location that you will be able to access again easily, such as your desktop or a designated folder and name the file something like “Halo for PSP.” PSP needs to be in the title in order to put Halo onto your PSP.
  6. Plug your PSP into your computer using a USB cord. Once your PSP is connected to the computer, open the “Game” file on the PSP memory card. Then, drag and drop the Halo game file from the area of your computer where you saved it to the “Game” file on your PSP. You have now put Halo onto your PlayStation Portable.
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