How To Put On Hip And Butt Pads For Football

Learn how to put on hip and butt pads if you want to make sure to protect exactly that. While each may provide initial discomfort for those not use to wearing them, their purpose is important; to protect the player’s tailbone and hips. Here is how to install both pads.

  1. Football girdles are unique in that they have pockets for butt and hip pads. Most organizations will provide the necessary equipment. If the player has to purchase it on their own it’s important that they find a pair that fits well. The girdle shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, but it’s ok if it’s a little snug.
  2. The hip pads will slide into the side of the football girdle. The hip pads are designed with a little bit of curve to them. Make sure when inserting the pads the part that curves in is the part slid into the pocket with the side with writing facing out.
  3. The butt pad should be inserted into the pocket on the inside of the back of the girdle. Like the hip pad, the butt pad has a bit of a curve and should be inserted with the curve in and the writing side out.
  4. After placing the pads in it’s important for the player to put on the girdle to see how it fits. The hip pads should be snug against the player’s hips and shouldn’t rise past the waistline. The butt pad shouldn’t rise past the waistline as well.

It is important that the player has some mobility. The first time they wear the pads it will be different but as the player starts to move around they should be able to gain some familiarity and be more comfortable.



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