How To Put On A Houndstooth Scarf

Scarves are great fall accessories, but you have to know how to put on a houndstooth scarf if you want to look good in it. Houndstooth scarves have been very popular in recent years. These scarves come in a variety of sizes ranging from handkerchief size to scarves you can practically wear as blankets. There are also many ways to tie and wear houndstooth scarves; many more for women than men.

  • You will need:
  • A houndstooth scarf
  • Clothing in neutral colors to match
  1. A houndstooth scarf can be purchased at many different stores, including Urban Outfitters, Himalaya Trading Company, and online at Amazon and Overstock. Prices for a decent scarf vary, so expect to spend at least twenty to thirty dollars on one. Once you have the scarf, you can then work on the look.
  2. To pull off the sexy, suave look you want to portray, you will have to be wearing an outfit in neutral colors. Plan to wear a gray or white long sleeve shirt or sweater. A light tight fitting shirt paired with a dark colored houndstooth scarf looks very sexy. Dark colored pants or even khakis will work with this look.
  3. The most pleasing look for men is to wrap the houndstooth scarf around the neck several times and leave the ends hanging down the chest. A long scarf works best for this look. A variation of this look is to loosely tie the front of the houndstooth scarf around the neck leaving the ends to hang down the chest. One rule of thumb is to never tie a scarf in a bow around your neck; it is a fashion faux-pas.
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