How To Put A JVC Stereo On MP3

Learning how to put a JVC stereo on MP3 is a task worth achieving. Avoid boring radio programs when you play your own song selections retrieved from your digital music player. It takes less than five minutes to acquire the skills needed for putting a JVC stereo on MP3. A few basic instructions are all that is needed to access media player files through the stereo.

To put a JVC stereo on MP3, you will need:

  • 3.5mm connecter
  • MP3 player
  • JVC stereo with Audio In capabilities
  1. Join the parts. Connect the mobile player to the mini connector as the first step in learning how to put a JVC stereo on MP3. Plug the loose end of the connector into the back of the stereo to the opening labeled "Audio In."
  2. Change utility. Locate the function switch on top of the stereo. The function switch is important because it declares the task to be used. Shift the stereo to Audio In mode as the process of how to put a JVC stereo on MP3 continues.
  3. Commence to playing. The next stage in how to put a JVC stereo on MP3 is turning on the digital music player. Choose and start the song to be played. Success for this task is achieved when files from the portable player is performed through the stereo.
  4. Make adjustments. Fine tune the loudness of music played as the final part of how put a JVC stereo on MP3. The volume knob is used to amplify or reduce noise levels. Task completed. Now sit back and listen to tunes.


  • The jack/mini connector may need to be purchased separately.
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