How To Put Keylock On A Nokia 5800

To utilize the many security features of the Nokia 5800, you will likely want to learn how to put keylock on a Nokia 5800. The keylock on the Nokia 5800 will allow the keypad to lock after a set amount of time. A security code can be applied on the Nokia 5800 making the keylock a security feature as well as a convenience feature. Without a security code applied, learning how to put a keylock on a Nokia 5800 will protect the keypad from accidently dialing a number when in a bag or pocket.

  1. Start the Nokia 5800. Power on the Nokia 5800 and allow it to start to the home screen.
  2. Open the settings menu. Press the "Menu" key. Highlight "Settings" and press "OK."
  3. Navigate to phone management. Highlight "Phone" and press "OK." Highlight "Phone mgmt." and press "OK."
  4. Open security settings. Open the security settings on the Nokia 5800 by highlighting "Security" and press "OK." Highlight "Phone and SIM card" and press "OK."
  5. Set the keylock on the Nokia 5800. To set the keylock on the Nokia 5800, highlight "Phone autolock period" and press "OK." Select a time interval. The shorter the time, the quicker the keypad will lock on your Nokia 5800.


The keylock is a great security feature in combination with the security code on the Nokia 5800.

Setting a short keylock time may be inconvenient on your Nokia 5800 as it will lock very quickly.

The default keylock on the Nokia 5800 is not passcode protected, that option must be set manually on the Nokia 5800.

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