How To Put A Lanyard On A Samsung Solstice

Learn about how to put a lanyard on a Samsung Solstice to keep that cell phone close by. Cell phones can be expensive. When you bought your Samsung Solstice cell phone, you did so because you like its features and all it has to offer. One way to protect your cell phone is to put a lanyard on it. This will allow you to have another means of holding it, carrying it, or wearing it, possibly around your neck if the lanyard is long enough or attaching it to a belt loop, for an added measure of safety.

To put a lanyard on a Samsung Solstice, you will need:

  • Samsung Solstice cell phone with holes for attaching a lanyard
  • Owner's manual for Samsung Solstice
  • Lanyard with a thin cord
  1. Locate the holes on your Samsung Solstice cell phone. To put a lanyard on a  Samsung Solstice, you must have a Samsung Solstice cell phone that has charm holes. These holes are necessary to be able to attach a lanyard. Check the owner's manual if you're unable to find the holes and to find out if your model of Samsung Solstice does indeed have charm holes.
  2. Have your lanyard at hand. A cell phone lanyard or strap generally has one end with a thick strap of some kind that is used as a handle. These handles vary from ribbon type straps to metal chains. Some even have a whistle on the strap. The other end is usually very thin and thread like and is made of a rubber type material.
  3. Thread the thin end through the Samsung Solstice holes. Slip the thin end of the lanyard strap through the hole holding the loop together so it fits in the holes. Slip it through both holes.
  4. Loop the strap end through the thin end. Take the strap, whether it's a ribbon or fabric strap or a metal strap, and thread it through the opened loop of the thin end of the lanyard. Pull the strap end tight to secure the lanyard through the holes. This will make a slip knot. Hold the cell phone by the lanyard to ensure it is securely fastened to the Samsung Solstice cell phone.



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