How To Put On Longboard Trucks

Longboarding is a popular sport and leisure pastime, which makes knowing how to put on longboard trucks a needed bit of money saving information. Longboarding is skateboarding with a different board configuration then the traditional board. Just like surfing, skateboarding offers the tradition sized skateboard and its cousin the longboard. Learning how to put trucks on or replace trucks on a longboard will save you the headaches of having to take it to a skateboarding shop. You will also save some greenbacks by learning how to put trucks on yourself. Longboard trucks are easy to put on and quick to master. Check out this step by step routine to master the truck on your own.

What you will need to master the technique:

  • Skateboard tool or ½ inch wrench
  • Longboard
  • Longboard truck
  1. Place the longboard and skateboard tool on a flat surface. Grab the truck and the hardware to install it. With one hand, lift up the longboard and with the other place the truck into position. The four holes in the trick should match up with the holes in the longboard deck. Make sure the king pin (bolt through the truck) is facing inward).
  2. Set the longboard, with truck in place onto the flat surface. Take one of the four screws and screw into place. Complete this process three more times. The truck is now installed. Follow these same steps for the other truck.
  3. It does not matter whether you install the toe or heel truck first. If you use a riser, simply place it between the truck and the longboard as part of step one. With your hand, test the fit of the truck by moving it back and forth.
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