How to Put a Memory Card in a BlackBerry Curve

Do you need more memory in your BlackBerry Curve, but don’t know how to put a memory card into the phone? Read on for a step-by-step tutorial on how to put a memory card into a Blackberry Curve.

To put a memory card in a BlackBerry Curve, you will need:

  • a BlackBerry Curve
  • a micro SD card
  1. Buy a micro SD card.  You can buy a micro SD card just anywhere electronics are sold.  Look for them at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc.
  2. Turn the BlackBerry Curve off.  Since you will be removing the battery to put the memory card in, it is best to turn your phone off before you begin.
  3. Remove the battery cover.   Before you put the memory card into the BlackBerry Curve, you must first remove the back cover.  Gently press the release button and remove the cover.
  4. Remove the battery.  Gently remove the battery.
  5. Unlock and open the microSD card holder clasp.   Under the battery, you will see the microSD card holder.  Unlock the clasp by gently sliding it to the left.  Open the clasp by gently pulling it up.
  6. Insert the memory card.   Carefully slide the microSD memory card for your BlackBerry Curve into the card holder clasp.  Align the card exactly with the slots in the clasp.  Make sure the you orient the card correctly.  When the clasp is closed, the pins in the memory card should be in contact with the exposed pins.
  7. Close and lock the clasp.   Make sure that the memory card is inserted fully into the clasp, then carefully close the clasp and relock it by sliding it to the right.  Congratulate yourself, you have successfully put a memory card into your BlackBerry Curve.
  8. Insert the battery.   Replace the battery from where you removed it.
  9. Replace the battery cover.    Put the battery cover back on, making sure that it is secure.
  10. Turn your phone back on.   Turn the phone back on.  If this is the first time you have put a memory card in, you will see a message on the announcing that a memory card has been detected.
  11. Update your settings.   Go to your  options and click on media card to adjust your settings if needed.
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