How To Put Memory Stick In PS3

Many people with older PlayStation 3's may not have immediately realized that they have extended storage options for their system, but that might be because they just don't know how to put a memory stick into a PS3. This is because most PS3s manufactured in the last two years no longer support the Sony memory stick. Well, that is to say they no longer have the ports on the system needed to plug a memory stick into it. There is, however, a way around this.

  1. Check your system. Have you bought your PS3 recently or have you had it for a while? If you've had it for a few years, you might be able to skip the next few steps and finish this FAQ right away. On the bottom left of your PS3, there should be a covered slot. Pull the cover off and you'll see a perfect place to put a memory stick. If you have a newer PS3 and this isn't available, don't worry, you can still use your memory stick- but you need to make another purchase.
  2. Media Hubba Hubba. Either check online or go to your local game store and purchase a PS3 media hub. The media hub is an inexpensive add on that turns one USB port into multiple USB ports, which is super convenient and generally easier to use for controllers and additional devices. More importantly, it supports SD cards and memory sticks. While the PS3, even in its smallest model, still offers plenty of storage, it is nice to have the option. Especially for transferring files from a computer to the PS3.
  3. Attach the hub. Now, plug the PS3 media hub into an available USB port. Now find the memory stick slot on the hub and simply plug it in. Now it should be entirely accessible from your PS3 dashboard!
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