How To Put Minutes On A Nokia Phone

If you have just gotten a Tracfone, you may need to know how to put minutes on a Nokia phone. These phones can be bought cheaply at almost any department store. Instead of purchasing a Nokia phone with a contract, you can get a Nokia Tracfone and just add minutes to it when you want to use it. This is very handy for those who do not have enough good credit to get a cell phone contract or for those who wish to get an emergency phone for their children.

  1. Purchase a Nokia Tracfone card. You can get these at almost any local department store.
  2. Scratch the gray area off the back of the card. You can use a penny or a fingernail to remove the silver area from the card. This will reveal your pin number.
  3. Call the phone number on the back of the card. You will be presented with a menu of options.
  4. Choose the "add minutes" option.
  5. Enter in your pin number. Do this carefully, since you will need this number to be exact in order to redeem your minutes.
  6. Listen for verification. Do not hang up until you have received confirmation that your minutes have been added.

It's an easy process to put minutes on a Nokia phone. Be sure to wait for confirmation before you hang up. Once your pin number has been used, that number is no longer valid.  As long as you have the pin number from the back of the card that you purchased, you can have your minutes added within just a few seconds.



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