How To Put Money In Your Chase Bank Account

Knowing how to put money into your Chase bank account is information every customer should know. No money in the account, no money to spend. There are several different ways to bulk up that bank account with money.

  1. Stop by the bank to make a deposit. You can walk into any Chase branch to make a cash or check deposit. Be sure to pull a deposit from the back of your checkbook. These forms already have the checking account number on the, making the deposit easier. If you don't have one, when you get to the branch, pick up at deposit slip and fill it out completely. If you don't have your account number, you can ask the cashier to fill it in for you. Have your debit card and driver's license handy.
  2. Use an Chase ATM machine to make a deposit. Chase ATM machines accept both cash and checks. When making a deposit at the ATM machine, you do not need a deposit slip. Insert your debit card into the machine and type in your pin number. Select the deposit button on the screen and choose cash or check for your deposit. A door will slide open and you can insert your deposit into the slot following the directions on the screen. When done, you will be able to view a summary of the deposit.
  3. Transfer money from another account into your Chase bank account. If you have other accounts at Chase bank, you can make a simple transfer from one account into the other. This can be done online, at a local branch or at an ATM machine. There are several convenient ways to put money into you Chase bank account.



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