How To Put On A Mountain Climbing Harness

Learn how to put on a mountain climbing harness and get moving up the side of the mountain or the rock wall at the gym. To be safe on the mountain, it's important that you wear a harness and put it on the right way. If it is not worn correctly, the harness may fail to protect you as it is designed to do in case of an emergency.

To put on a mountain climbing harness, you will need:

  • Mountain climbing harness
  • Instructor or experienced climbing buddy
  1. Examine the mountain climbing harness. Look at the harness and become familiar with it. Hold it in front of you by the loop.
  2. Put the harness around your legs. Step into the harness by putting your feet and legs through the two leg holes of the mountain climbing harness. The loops should be at the rear, hugging your butt.
  3. Pull the harness up. Grasp the mountain climbing harness by the sides and pull the harness up to your waist. Ensure the loops are straight and no part of the harness is twisted.
  4. Cinch the harness at the waist. Grasp the belt and tighten the buckle so it is locked in place. Double check to make sure this step is done for protection. If the buckle is not fastened correctly, it could fail and you could fall. Double check that the waist belt is secure before going on.
  5. Cinch the leg buckles. Tighten and lock the buckles around each leg to secure the harness your legs. Make sure to pull the leg straps tightly.
  6. Tuck in any long pieces. When mountain climbing, you don't want straps flapping around. Tuck in any long pieces of the leg or waist straps so they are not free to catch on anything.
  7. Double check that all straps are secure. Before proceeding, ensure all of the straps are buckled and locked and are secure and tightly held.
  8. Have an instructor or an experienced climber double check your harness. Make sure your mountain climbing harness is put on properly and is secure by having an experienced person look it over. Let them feel to make sure all connections are tight and locked.



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