How To Put Movies On iPhone 3g

Knowing how to put movies on iPhone 3g is a great way to enjoy your favorite flicks on the road. Learning how to put movies on iPhone 3g is a simple process and it is not much more complicated than putting music on the iPhone 3g. Learning how to put movies on iPhone 3g will require you to use the iTunes software from your computer to transfer the files to your iPhone 3g. Converting movies into the proper format is required for them to playback on the iPhone 3g. The iTunes program has a large selection of television shows and movies available for purchase which work on the iPhone 3g.

Things you'll need:

  • USB cable for iPhone 3g
  • Computer with iTunes
  • Conversion software (optional)
  1. Connect the iPhone 3g to computer. Using the USB cable, connect the iPhone 3g to your computer. USB ports are typically located on the back side of a computer or on the sides of a laptop.
  2. Launch iTunes. Choose the iTunes icon from the desktop or start menu. It may automatically launch when the iPod is connected to the computer.
  3. Enable movie syncing. Locate and click on your iPhone 3g in the "Devices" section in the left side of iTunes. Choose "Movies" in the top center of the screen. Check the box that says "Sync movies" to enable movie syncing to your iPhone 3g.
  4. Download movies. Click the "Movies" tab on the left side of iTunes. Select a movie that you wish to download for iPhone 3g. Purchase and download the movie to the computer.
  5. Sync the iPhone 3g. Choose the iPhone 3g in the "Devices" column on the left side of iTunes. Select "sync" on the bottom right of the iTunes screen. Movies will now sync to the iPhone 3g automatically and can be watched on the iPhone 3g.
  6. Convert custom movies. Convert custom movies by downloading a converter such as Plato DVD to iPod Converter which will automatically convert DVD's to iPhone 3g format. Use a tool such as Kate's Video Converter to convert your non-DVD movies into MP4 format for usage on the iPhone 3g.
  7. Sync the movies. Drag and drop the movies from the desktop into iTunes. Select the file and drag it onto the "Movies" title under your iPhone 3g in the devices list on iTunes. Press the sync button in the lower right corner of iTunes to transfer the movies to the iPhone 3g.



Any movie can be played back on the iPhone 3g once it has been converted to MP4 or MOV format.

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