How To Put Names On Baseball Gloves

Learning how to put names on baseball gloves is a no brainer. Putting names on a baseball glove may be necessary for many reasons. The reason for putting a name on a baseball glove is of no consequence. Learning the technique for putting names on baseball gloves is a matter of location and preference. Putting a name on a baseball glove is the process of writing on leather. This article will look at the preferred method of putting a name on a baseball glove. Check out the details below, which will walk you through the process of putting a name on a baseball glove. Just be sure you want to put a name on the glove before you do it, as this is permanent.

  1. Clean the glove and fine a good place to write your name. After the glove has been cleaned look over the glove and choose the best place to put the name. A suggestion might be the manufacturer's label (usually on the wrist guard), or up the thumb or pinkie side (outer glove).
  2. Use a permanent marker, medium point. The colors of the permanent marker are up to you, but if you play competitive, then stick with black. Write the name in small block letters. Once written, set the glove aside to dry for a few minutes to prevent smearing.
  3. If you are looking to put on multiple names, use the same areas spoken to in this article. Placing names on the inside will only wear off after time due to the catching of a baseball. But be leery of writing too many names, because the text it can be distracting to other players.
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