How to Put on an Oakley Visor

Learning how to put on an Oakley visor is simple. Yes, Oakley visors are easy to install, but are invaluable on the field, or the rink. When buying and Oakley visor, make sure you get the correct visor for the sport you're playing. The Oakley hockey visor is a simple yet sturdy design. It's nothing more than a strip of see through impact resistant material known as plutonite. It widens in the center to cover the eyes and adds some protection for the nose as well. The Oakley visors made for football helmets are formed slightly different, but accomplish the same goal as the Oakley hockey visor. The football visor covers the entire open area of the football facemask that supports the eyes and nose. It's shaped like a curved crown with three flat panels at the top. No matter which one you need, installing Oakley visors are a piece of cake.

  1. The Football Visor. Slide the visor up under the metal grill of the helmet. Take the visor and line its holes up with the holes on the helmet. Screw in the two holes on the top. Don't tighten them yet. Screw in the screws on the sides of the helmet to the appropriate places on the grill of the helmet.. Once you've adjusted the visor to your liking, you can tighten the visor up by tightening each screw. And that friends, is the extremely simple way to fasten an Oakley visor to a football helmet. If you thought this was easy, get a load of the hockey visor.
  2. The Hockey Visor. The Hockey visor wraps right around the eyes of the player. The visor has two sets of screws to screw in on the sides of the helmet. All you have to do is lightly screw the top screw in on both sides. Adjust the visor so you feel comfortable with a rock hard puck flying at your face. After the visor is in a position to your liking, screw in the two bottom screws on both sides. Make sure to tighten both sets of screws well. And, that's that. Get out there and have some fun.



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