How To Put Up Ozark Trail Tent

When new or seasoned campers are shopping for tents, it's important to remember that it's easy to learn how to put up an Ozark Trail tent. The Ozark Trail brand is one of the most user-friendly brands of camping equipment available, and the price tag is low on most of their camping supplies. 

Things You'll Need

  • Ozark Trail tent and accessories
  • Tent mat
  • Rubber mallet
  1. Find a suitable place to put up your Ozark Trail tent; a dry, flat location with few rocks and sticks is best. Lay out your tent mat to help prevent ground moisture from seeping through the floor of the tent.
  2. Lay the tent out flat with the floor down and discern where the door is located. Drag the Ozark Trail tent to face the desired direction, and stake down the two rings that are found on either side of the door. Hammer the stakes into the ground completely.
  3. Locate the tent poles, and unfold them to lay out straight. Lay out all of the tent poles and determine which is the longest tent pole. Insert this tent pole into the pole sheath that is located along the top of the tent. In most Ozark Trail tent designs, the longest tent pole is usually the one that runs parallel to the door, but your tent may deviate from this standard.
  4. Slip the remaining tent poles into their designated sheaths along the top of the tent. Slip the tent support key or tab (found on the staking ring at the bottom of the tent) into the ends of the longest tent pole and begin to raise the tent. 
  5. Walk around the tent and slip each one of the support keys. Ensure that each one is secure. If necessary, have a friend bend the pole for you to keep from having it snap back at you.
  6. Step inside the tent and ensure that the Ozark Trail tent is laying evenly and that the floor is not wrinkled against the tent mat. If the floor is not flat, straitghten it out by moving the corners of the tent to flatten the floor.
  7. Stake all remaining sides down, using a rubber mallet to pound each stake into the ground if necessary. 
  8. Lay the rain fly for the Ozark Trail tent out flat on the grass or ground. Discern which direction is the front, and drape the fly over the tent. 
  9. Insert any support poles the rain fly requires. Most Ozark Trail tent rain flies have at least one pole located in front of the door to add support and to provide shelter. 
  10. Snap the clips on the fly into place on the tent's support poles and stake the fly down in the back. Use the mallet to hammer the stakes in completely.


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