How To Put PC Games On A PSP

Ever wonder how to put PC games on a PSP hand-held console? Putting flash games on your Sony handheld console is a simple procedure.. A PSP cannot run the latest PC shooters, nor should you expect the complexity of games like Torchlight or Dragon Age. You do not even need special firmware for your PSP to accomplish this. The browser that comes with the system contains Java and flash support.

  1. Find the Firmware to 'hack' your PSP. If the term hack bothers you, do not worry. This part, is not illegal. Even downloading flash games is not illegal, but ONLY if the author of the program gives the user permission to do so.
  2. Open Firefox. This procedure does not work with Internet Explorer. It will work with other Mozilla browsers.  The same procedure may work with Netscape depending on the version of Netscape Navigator you are running.
  3. Locate the PC flash Game You Want to Play on your PS. If you have a favorite games portal, you can download multiple games from the site.
  4. Click on Save As when you load the game. This will download a folder with the website to your hard drive.
  5. Connect your PSP directly to your PC. This requires a USB to USB cable. The PSP will show up as a flash drive on your computer. If you are running Windows, your operating system will connect it as a flash drive an assign it as a drive letter.
  6. Locate the Folder on the PC where you downloaded the flash game. Look for another folder inside of it and look for the files with the .swf extension. Click on these files and select copy.
  7. Select the Drive letter that Windows assigned your PSP. If you are not using Windows, both Mac OS and the various flavors of Linux give the drive a name that's slightly more logical.
  8. Place the games in the games folder on your PSP. PSP users who find that they do not have a games folder will need to create one. Simply click new folder and name it games.
  9. Remove the PSP from the PC. Turn the console on and go to the home page. Select the Internet browser on the console and type in:file:/PSP/COMMON/<flash game you downloaded>.swf

You will never play Mass Effect or Half Life on your PSP, but there are plenty of flash offerings that a PSP user can enjoy. This extends the library of titles available on the PSP

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