How To Put Photo On Wristwatch

If you're a frequent watch wearer, you may be wondering how to put a photo on a wristwatch.  Putting a photo on a wristwatch is a great and cheap way to personalize your watch.  Wristwatches with photos on them are also a great gift to give to friends and family.  The following guide will teach you the easiest way to add a photo on a wristwatch.

To add a photo on a wristwatch, you will need:

  • Photo printing technology or a commercial printing service
  • A photo that will work well as a wristwatch photo
  • A screwdriver or dull knife
  • A wristwatch
  • Photo glue or mounting squares
  1. Look at the back of your watch and determine if the back can be snapped off.  The back of a watch that is held together with screws will have a series of little notches.  If this is the case, you will need to purchase a small jeweler's screwdriver or take it to a jewelry shop to have the back opened for you.
  2. If the back can be snapped off, you simply need to insert a flat screwdriver or dull knife behind the wristwatch's backing and pry it off.
  3. Behind the back of your wristwatch there will be a small hole on the side or a screw.  If there is a screw than you will need a jeweler or jeweler's screwdriver to open it.  If there is a small hole than you can insert a pin and pull the stem off the wristwatch.
  4. In order to remove the hands of the watch, you should begin with the outermost hand and work your way in.  This usually means starting with the second hand, then the minute hand, then the hour hand.
  5. Finally, you will need to remove the face of the watch.  The face may fall out easily or it may be held in with screws.  You may be able to unscrew the face on your own or you may need to visit the jeweler.
  6. Once the face is out of the watch, measure the face.  If the face is irregularly shaped, make a stencil of the watch face.
  7. Use the measurements to have a photo printed that will perfectly fit the watch face.  If the watch is irregularly shaped, have the photo printed such that the largest side of the photo is at least as wide as the largest side of the wristwatch face.  Use the stencil to properly cut the photo.
  8. Finally, use adhesive to attach the photo to the face of the wristwatch.  This can be done with photo glue or mounting squares.
  9. Reassemble your watch or take it to the jeweler's to be reassembled and you have successfully put a photo on a wristwatch.
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