How To Put Resin On Subwoofer Box

When building a subwoofer box, you are bound to ask how to put resin on a subwoofer box. Resin is necessary in the assembly of a custom subwoofer box and is primary used during construction to create strength and resistance in the subwoofer. Resin is applied to a subwoofer box after the subwoofer box carpet has been laid, but before the fiberglass mat is put into place.

What you will need:

  • Polyester resin
  • Spreader tool
  • Disposable face mask
  1. Put on the disposable face mask. Resin is dangerous if inhaled. You should always use a disposable face mask that covers both your mouth and nose.
  2. Mix the resin. Mix the batch of resin before applying it to the subwoofer box. Mix the resin per manufacturer's instructions based on your particular resin.
  3. Use spreader to apply the resin. Begin applying the resin using the spreader tool. Use a bondo spreader, spackle spreader or a paint scraper to evenly spread the resin onto the subwoofer box.
  4. Finish spreading the resin. Finish spreading the resin onto the subwoofer box. Ensure an even coat over the carpet. Spread out any areas with clumps of resin. Ensure a fine and even coat of resin on the subwoofer box so that it will evenly penetrate the carpet.
  5. Allow the resin to dry. Set your subwoofer box aside and allow the resin to dry for about 24 hours. Ensure the subwoofer box is in a cool and dry environment during the drying period.


  • Use gloves when spreading resin on the subwoofer box.
  • Resin can be very difficult to work with, so have patience when spreading resin on the subwoofer box. Using a proper spreading tool will make the project much easier.
  • Be careful to not allow resin to land on any undesired areas other than the subwoofer box. Once resin adheres to a specific material, it is practically impossible to remove.
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