How To Put A Scope On A Revolver For Hunting

You've developed your skill as a hunter, and now you are looking for a new challenge by learning how to put a scope on a revolver for hunting. Hunting with a revolver is one of the greatest challenges you can take on as a sportsman, and adding a scope on a revolver can make or break your hunt. Adding a scope on a revolver requires some preparation of your gun by a professional gunsmith, but you can finish up the job and sight in your hunting revolver yourself.

What you'll need:

  • a hunting revolver
  • a gunsmith to drill and tap your revolver
  • a weaver scope mount
  • scope rings
  • a long eye relief scope
  • Loctite
  • a bore sighting tool
  • a pile of ammo
  • paper targets
  1. Check the top strap of your revolver. Many revolvers made for hunting will have several small screws in the top of the frame. If this is the case, your revolver has already been drilled and tapped for a scope mount. If the revolver hasn't been drilled and tapped, a qualified pistolsmith will be able to prepare your revolver for a scope mount. Be sure to bring your weaver scope mount so your gunsmith can mate the two together perfectly.
  2. Remove the small screws from the top of your revolver. Put them somewhere they won't be lost so you can replace them in the revolver if you decide later to remove the revolver scope. Place your weaver scope mount on the revolver and check to be sure the parts line up so the screws will firmly mount scope to the revolver firmly. Putting a scope on a revolver without a perfect match can lead to missed shots.
  3. Test the screws from the scope mount in the revolver. It is worth checking to make sure the thread count on the screws is the same as the threading in the tapped revolver so that you don't strip the threads and cause damage to your firearm.
  4. Align the scope mount on the revolver. Apply a small amount of Loctite to each screw right before you tighten it down. Do not over tighten the screw or apply any product that will create a permanent bond between the screw and the revolver. Loctite will hold the screw in place without stripping the screw or revolver creating a permanent bond.
  5. Position the rings. Once the scope mount is securely in place, loosen the screws on the base of your scope rings, or, if you have quick release rings, flip the release to the open position. The loosened base will allow you to slide the rings onto the scope mount. Check your scope to see how much space should be between each ring to put your scope on a revolver. Now, tighten down the screws on the base of your scope rings. These screws shouldn't require any additional products to secure the scope rings on your hunting revolver.
  6. Remove the top portion of the ring. Once you have secured the rings in place you will be able to remove the top portion of each scope ring. Remove the screws that attach the two halves together.
  7. Seat your scope. Secure your revolver in a gun vice in the shooting position, if possible. Rest the scope on the lower halves of the rings and position it over your revolver. Place the rear top ring in place and tighten down the screws just beyond finger tight. Repeat with the front ring.
  8. Sight your scope. Now your scope is in place, but before you take it out into the field, use a bore sighting tool to set your scope to the distance you plan to shoot on your hunt.
  9. Test your revolver. Go to the range with some targets and your pile of ammo to make sure you've properly put a scope on a revolver for hunting. It's always best to finish sighting in your newly scoped revolver by shooting at the distance you plan to hunt.

Learning how to put a scope on a revolver for hunting can add to your skill and knowledge as a hunter. Get ready for the next hunting season and give it a shot today.

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