How To Put On A Scuba Diving Suit

If you're about to go scuba diving, you'll need to learn how to put on a scuba diving suit. An important thing to remember is that a scuba diving suit, or wetsuit, is designed to be used under or on the water, and not on dry land. It will most likely feel uncomfortable, especially under the arms and crotch when on dry land. Another important thing to remember, not everyone fits well into one of the rack bought scuba diving suit, some people will need to be custom fit and have a custom suit made. It might be especially good to have a seamstress. or tailor measure you for your first scuba diving suit to get the proper fit.

 Items needed to put on a scuba diving suit:

  • Properly fit scuba diving suit
  1. Position the suit.  Position the suit with the zipper to your back and fold the front chest area down over the legs so that you have good access to the legs.
  2. Pull up to shins. Slip your feet into the legs of the wetsuit. Pull it up slowly. Once over the shins, pull up all the folds alternating from front to back until the ankle is positioned correctly and the leg is smooth.
  3. Pull up to the knee.  Pull the knee area up over the shins, smooth and pull folds until the knee pads are in correct position.
  4. Pull up onto the hips.  Work the suit up over the hips slowly. Make sure to pull folds up over the thighs carefully and pull the suit up into the crotch. It is important to get the suit up as tightly into the crotch as possible or you will feel too constricted in the shoulder and body of the suit. And any folds will wear on the crotch area while swimming.
  5. Put on the sleeves.  Put your arms into the sleeves. Work them up in sections just like you did with the legs. Make sure to get them up high enough and smooth out any folds, they are harder to get positioned once you have moved on to another section.
  6. Pull the body on.  Pull the body of the suit on. Make sure to pull the underarms of the suit as tightly up into the armpit as possible. If you do not do this you will feel cramped in the chest by the bunching of the material. Wetsuits are made with extra material in the underarm area to allow for free movement while swimming. If it is not tight as possible to begin, it can make it uncomfortable.  You may notice a little fold of neoprene in the underarm when you lower your arm, do not worry you will not notice it when you are swimming.
  7. Close up the suit. Reach behind your back, grasp the extended zipper pull and zip up the suit. Close any Velcro flaps into position.

That is how you put on a scuba diving suit. The first time you do so, you will swear the suit is too small. That is why you should get fit by a tailor, to ensure it is the correct fit. Once you get into the water, the suit will feel much more comfortable. Do not worry, it gets easier with practice.



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