How To Put A Signature On A BlackBerry Curve Text Message

You have enjoyed texting on your new Blackberry Curve phone, and would like to know how to put a signature on a Blackberry Curve text message. Adding a signature on a Blackberry Curve text message will personalize it, and gives your text messages that special added touch. On a Blackberry Curve phone you are not able to set up an official default signature, but you can make Auto text into your signature. Auto text allows you to choose when you want to insert your signature when sending a text message. There are a few steps that you need to follow in order to put a signature on a Blackberry Curve text message.

  1. Find the "Auto Text" option. From your home screen click on the "Options" icon. Scroll down on the list to select and highlight the "Auto Text "option.
  2. Create and Auto Text phrase or signature. Click the "Menu" button, and then select "New." Under the "Replace" section type in sig or sms (or something to remind you of the name of your Auto Text). Under "With" area type in the desired signature that you want to use.
  3. Save your signature to appear in your text message. Click the scroll wheel or the "Menu" button, then select the "Save" option to save your signature on your Blackberry Curve.
  4. Attach signature to your Blackberry Curve text message. Compose your text message and then type your Auto Text, which is the word you typed under the "Replace" section, (ex: sig or sms). Press the space bar and your signature will automatically appear and be attached to your composed text message.
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