How To Put On Ski Boots

Learn how to put on ski boots and avoid being left straining in the parking lot while your friends are already halfway to the lifts. Well-fitting ski boots are tight, and putting them on can seem daunting at first, until you learn a few tricks to make it easier.

  1. Dress for success. Wear thin socks made for skiing. Thin socks will make putting on ski boots easier, yet they'll still keep you warm because they're made of high-tech fibers. A good pair of ski socks will last for years, so don't be afraid to drop a few bucks on a pair.
  2. Pull up your pants. Pull the leg of your ski pants up out of the way before you put on ski boots. Make sure the gaiter and your long underwear are out of the way also. You don't want any extra fabric getting in the way of the buckles when you put on your boots.
  3. Open the boot all the way. Set the ski boot on the ground or floor in front of you and open all the buckles. Pull the shell open as wide as you can.
  4. Stand up. Putting on the boot from a standing position gives you more leverage. Insert your foot straight down into the boot.
  5. Wiggle, don't force. Ease your toe forward, wiggling back and forth. Rock your heel back and forth. Put your weight into it, but don't shove down too hard. You don't want to injure your foot. Keep rocking and wiggling until your foot is firmly seated.
  6. Fasten the buckles loosely at first. Starting at the toe, fasten the buckle to the point where it's comfortable, but not too tight. You can do this from a seated position if you like.
  7. Tighten the buckles right before you put on your skis. You might not need to tighten all the buckles, but after walking in the boots for a bit, chances are you'll need to tighten one or two.


  • It's easier to put on warm ski boots, so don't leave your boots in the car overnight.
  • Shake some baby powder into the boot to help your foot slip in a little easier.
  • Put on ski boots the right way and they'll be secure and comfortable. Practice a few times at home and you'll be a pro when you get to the slopes.
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