How To Put Slipcover On Sofa

You purchased the slipcover, now you can't figure out how to put the slipcover on the sofa. Slipcovers come in different styles: stretch, one-piece, two-piece and throws. Putting them on is similar, with a few minor adjustments.

To put a slipcover on the sofa, you will need:

  • Slipcover
  • Sofa
  1. Remove cushions (if using a two-piece slipcover) and pillows from your sofa. Keep the cushions on if you're using a one-piece cover.
  2. Drape your slipcover over the sofa. You're not done, it doesn't look right for a reason. 
  3. Turn your slipcover right-side-out. Seams should not be seen.
  4. Find the back of your slipcover. There should be a tag in the back located on the inside. Generally, the tag is in the center of the back of the slipcover and lines up at the center of sofa's back near the floor.
  5. Pull the cover to sit nicely on your furniture if using a draping, throw-style slipcover. These are not designed to fit snug against your sofa, but rather to have a casual appearance and drape over the top of your furniture. 
  6. Smooth the slipcover over the sofa. Tuck the slipcover into creases at the arms and under the back. Keep tucking, there may be quite a bit of slack material.
  7. Pull the material to line up with the sofa's arms and back. Tuck again to ensure the cover is taut. This step is not needed for throw-covers, however, you may want a more tailored look even on a casual sofa-throw. You're done if it's a throw-cover or one-piece.
  8. Place your cushions (if using a two-piece slipcover) into the cushion cover.
  9. Place covered cushions in position on the sofa. Toss your pillows back on and sit down.
  10. Tuck the cover into the couch once a week or more often, depending on usage. 
  11. Keep your cover clean by washing it regularly.

Slipcovers are an economical way to get a new look, they can fool guests into thinking you just spent a small fortune on a new sofa. They can also cover furniture damaged from stains, rips or tears.

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