How To Put On Snowboard Boots

To put on snowboard boots, you should follow these simple and effective steps.

  1. Untie and open both the inner and the outer boot. Most snowboard boots have regular laces, but some new ones carry metal cables that are coiled with a sophisticated mechanism. In this case, read instructions thoroughly.
  2. Check for presence of insoles. The insoles must be even and without wrinkles that may later cause discomfort and blisters.
  3. Before stepping in the boots, check your socks for the proper fitting and length. Direct contact between your skin and the boot material is sure to cause blisters.
  4. Put your foot in the boot, starting with the toes, avoiding dragging the inner boot and the insoles.
  5. Step on your heels, and then step forward. If there´s any wrinkle, go back and start over. It´s better spending a few minutes before going up the mountain than suffering through the day.
  6. Once your foot is in, raise the tongue and pull it up and towards the cane of your leg. The tongue generally goes closer to your skin than the sides of the boot.
  7. Tighten the laces of your inner boot first,, then flex your foot forward and aft and do a second tightening.
  8. Tighten the laces of your outer boots, also doing to separate movements.
  9. If your pants are long enough, cover the cane of your boots with them to avoid getting wet along the day.

If you follow these steps, by number nine you will be with your boots on. Go out and enjoy.

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