How To Put Spurs On Boots

Nothing completes a western style outfit like knowing how to put spurs on boots. Though they aren't really necessary anymore for their original function—urging a horse on—shiny spurs against leather boots makes for a bold fashion statement. Attaching spurs is simple, and only takes a few minutes.

First, of course, you need the basic supplies:

  • A pair of spurs
  • Spur straps
  • A pair of boots
  1. Put your boots on and get out your spurs. It's easiest to attach spurs to boots while you're wearing them, so that you can adjust the strap tightness as you like.
  2. Fit the heel band (the U-shaped part of the spur) into the V-shape between your boot's heel and the rest of the sole. The round star-shaped part, called the rowel, should be in the back and pointing slightly downward.
  3. Fasten one end of the spur strap onto one side of the spur. Spurs have a button on each side of them where the spur strap can be attached; the strap should have a single hole on one end and multiple holes on the other.
  4. Pull the strap over the top of your boot, right across the top of your ankle, and attach the other end of the strap to the other side of the spur. Pick which hole in the strap to attach to the spur for a comfortable snug, but not too tight a fit. It shouldn't slide around, but neither should it be tight enough to be constricting, either.
  5. Try walking on it. Stand up and take a few steps with the first spur on. If it feels comfortable—snug but not too tight to walk around in—then attach the second one the same way that you did with the first. Congratulations, cowboy, you've got spurs!

Some kinds of spurs have a second, smaller strap that goes around the bottom of your boot; this second strap is designed to further prevent the spur from slipping. To put it on, simply wrap it down around the bottom of your boot close to the heel band and attach it on the other side of the spur. Also, not all spur straps are leather—for that added glint of metal, you can also secure them with chains.

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