How To Put A Stomp Pad On A Snowboard

If you want to avoid falling looking like a clown when you get off the lift, you’re going to want a bit of grip between your snowboard bindings, and if you want grip you’re going to need to know how to put a stomp pad on a snowboard. Stomp pads provide grip and serve as a rough surface to clean snow from your boots. Read on to discover the easiest way to put a stomp pad on a snowboard.


  • Snowboard
  • Boots
  • Stomp pad
  • Rag
  • Pencil or tape
  1. Knowing where you’re going to put your stomp pad is the first thing you should decide when you put a stomp pad on a snowboard. Place your board on a carpeted floor and, with your boots on, strap your front foot into the board. Pretend you are pushing off and then place your back foot on the board between the bindings. This is where you should put a stomp pad on a snowboard.
  2. Take a pencil or tape and mark the spot where you placed your back foot.
  3. Clean the area with acetone. If you out a stomp pad on a snowboard without properly cleaning it the glue may not create a firm bond, and the pad will eventually fall off.
  4. Place the pad on the board. Check the location and make sure you like how it looks. Once you glue a stomp pad on a snowboard it can be difficult to get off.
  5. Peel the back off of the stomp pad to expose the adhesive. Place the stomp pad on the snowboard in the designated area.
  6. Let the glue set over night or give the glue enough time to set.  Check the hold of the glue before you take your snowboard. Do not use your snowboard before the glue has dried completely.
  7. Shred copious amounts of gnar.
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